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What is 444?

444 is an angel number that represents protection. Those who see this number everywhere are receiving messages of guidance and reassurance from their guardian angels to let them know that all is well. You may find yourself randomly checking the time at 4:44 PM or seeing a picture with 444 likes. You might buy something that costs $4.44 or see a license plate that contains 444 in it. Know that you are being protected and watched over as you see this number in your daily life, and accept the blessings that come with it. We hope to bring these blessings to you while creating clothing that you fall in love with.

How do you "Trust in 444"?

Whenever you see the number 444, take a moment to appreciate your blessings. If possible, say out loud "all is well". Even if you never see this number, "Trust in 444" still applies to you. This saying essentially means to put your faith in the universe. There may be days where you feel like nothing is working out or the world is against you. Everyone experiences this, it's just a matter of being able to rise above it all. Trust that your actions will bring you out of the negative circumstance you may face today. Have that faith to fall back on when you feel out of options. Allow yourself to elevate through the love that the universe is giving to you. This is what we mean by "Trust in 444". 

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